Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top Lotta

I've been waiting for better weather so I could take a good picture of my latest finish, but it seems that the wait might be a long one, so here goes! I had been pondering for quite a while how to use that stack of Lotta Jansdotter Echo. I spent ages poring over the Kona solids colour chart before deciding on Raisin as my background colour. At the same time I came across this great quilt by Kirsty at You had me at bonjour and used that as my inspiration. I realized that it was constructed in the same way as my Baroque quilt, only with wider strips of the background colour. I spent some time working with the proportions in EQ and ended up with 6x8" blocks, making a 42x40" top before adding the 1" border. Looking back at the initial inspiration it's amazing how different the result is with a dark solid instead of a light one, but I'm quite pleased with it. I think it really shows off those great fabrics.
I have also pieced the backing using more Echo, so now it is just a question of preparing the quilt sandwich and deciding on how to quilt it. Knowing me, that could take some time....

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Kirsty @ Bonjour Quilts said...

This looks great! It looks fabulous inverted (dark sashing, lighter blocks) and it's hard to go wrong with beautiful Lotta Jansdotter fabric. Have fun quilting, deciding on the pattern is never easy for me either.