Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wonky logs

 It's holiday time and rain - perfect weather for quilting! My pile of Stitch in color-fabrics have been tempting me for a while, and after cutting pieces for all those kits, I had no more excuses. Let the fun begin! Wonky doesn't come easy for me, but I had my mind set on making some wonky log cabin blocks. Once I got started and got my system going, I ended up with a rythm which worked for me. I started with 2 1/2" strips, cut nine cornerstones with one straight angle and two slanted lines, added strips to the angled sides, pressed and cut them at an angle, added new strips and so on. Once I had used the first set of strips, I cut a new set at 1 3/4", and the next set at 2". That way I got enough of a variation for the wonkyness to look random while still catering to my systematic side. I ended up with nine 12" blocks, making a 36" tablecloth. 
I used a thin, soft batting (thermore, I think) to give a nice drape to the cloth, and pieced the backing of wide strips of the same fabrics. I quilted the cloth with yellow rayon thread, following the logs in different wavy, swirly patterns, keeping it quite loose to keep the drapiness I want in a tablecloth.
So there you are- a new cloth for my kitchen table - enough to wake anyone up and add a bit of colour to a dreary morning.

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Lisa said...

Great wonkiness!