Sunday, September 16, 2012

Even the gulls are staying indoors...

Well, I can't really blame the weather - these two will not be going out when it clears up!
I found the pattern in Marie Clare Idees and just had to make them to show I could. Let's face it, a couple of knitted seagulls aren't the most useful thing to have around, but a bit sweet all the same. And the thing is, if the pattern hadn't been in French, and if a friend hadn't said that she thought I couldn't make head or tails of it, they would never have seen the light of day. But I'm all for a challenge, so off I went!
With the help of Google Translate, where I was told I'd need an apothecary's son and a sperm whale among other things, and with the help of the charts, I managed to work out most of it, and what I didn't get, I made up.
So here they are my two new friends. They've brought their own food, so they can stay...

The pattern is here.

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