Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More purses

I had a go at making purses again - practise makes perfect, right? A friend's birthday is coming up, and my mother wanted a coin purse for her next trip abroad, so I set to it. I made a pattern based on this tutorial the last time, but just couldn't find it anywhere, so I had to have a new go.
 Without checking the details of the tutorial I winged it and ended up with two quite small purses. The ones I made earlier are much wider at the base, but these two are quite sweet, and why carry so much small change around anyway? ;-)
I actually find it much easier to make this kind where you glue the fabric into the frame than the kind where you stitch the purse to the frame, but again, that might improve with practise. I used Guterman glue and found that by following the instructions, waiting five minuted after adding the glue to the frame, it was quite easy to attach the fabric to the frame, and any excess glue on the frame rubbed off easily.
And I found my first pattern eventually: it was neatly folded into the glue box. It must have made perfect sense at the time...

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