Saturday, April 06, 2013

2013 Finish-a-long Q1

I joined the Finish-A-Long with quite an optimistic attitude, and listed 8 different projects. So how did I do? Well I finished 3 of them. I must add that I also started some other projects and even finished some of them, so I have not been completely idle, LOL.
 Number 1 is my Christmas table runner, blogged about here.
 Number 2 is my Hometown Ripple bag, blogged about here.
And finally number 3, finished last night: my Bella X quilt, blogged about here.
I am well on the way with the quilting on the Numbers quilt and the Garden quilt is also ready for quilting, so I might just have something to enter for the next round!

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Leanne said...

Your finishes are wonderful! I especially love your bag.