Sunday, May 19, 2013

Containing it all

Confession: My sewing table is usually a big mess! I'm sure this never happens to anyone of you, but I always end up with too much stuff lying around. I started with a tin of important things I might need while sewing, next to my sewing machine, like seam ripper, scissors, needles and pins, tape measure... over the years the list has grown longer and the tin has been overflowing, making it harder to locate what I need when I need it. So I made myself some fabric buckets using this tutorial .
I used fabric from the Mama Said Sew collection by Sweetwater - quite fitting for the sewing room, don't you think? For the bottoms and handles I used charcoal linen with red thread for the topstitches - a nice accent, I think. The buckets were easy to make and I would happily recommend the tutorial. I might actually make some more, as they would work well for lots of spaces, not only the sewing area.
The little one is so sweet! It looks like a tiny shopping bag - in fact it might be just perfect as a gift for a little girl. Yet it is big enough to hold four rolls of zippers by the yard and then some, while the biggest one holds two bags of scraps and a bag of leftover batting and backing fabric for mug rugs - a whole sewing kit in it's own right there, in fact.
I realize now that I should have taken pictures before I started tidying up to give you the full "before" and "after" thing, but for your own protection I didn't ( or I just forgot...).
Now we'll just have to see how long it is until I have created a big mess again - not long, I suppose, but for now it all looks very nice at least!

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