Monday, May 20, 2013

Did I mention Daisy?

 I know I have shown this on Instagram, but somehow I forgot to blog about it. When I visited the European Quilt Festival in Birmingham, UK a couple of years ago I came back with a layer cake of Daisy Chain by Amy Butler (well, that wasn't the only thing I came home with, you know...). Or maybe "layer cake" isn't the right term, that's a Moda trade mark, isn't it? Well, anyway - I bought a stack of 10" squares and have had them lying around for ages, leafing through them and not known what to do with them. Eventually I gave them a wash (inside a pillow case) and after trimming them - they weren't quite 10" any more, so I trimmed them down to 9"- cut a strip of 3,5" off horisontaly and vertically, leaving me with a pile of 5,5" squares and 3,5" strips of varying lengths.

Last weekend I finally got to work, playing with the squares on my design wall (glorious name for a flanell sheet hung from two hooks...) and started sewing. I combined the squares with strips of white Kona and stitched all the floral strips together alternating short and long ones, after sorting them into random piles. I used these strips in between and as a border. All in all the top came together quite easily and I'm quite pleased with it. I even found a big enough length of backing fabric in my stash, so it shouldn't be too long before I can start quilting it.
And once I was done, this is all that I had left. Now if that isn't efficient use of a pre-cut packet I don't know what is!

PS! I tend to think I have come up with designs of my own, but sometimes it's my subconcious playing a trick and I have a suspicion that I might have seen a  similar quilt layout somewhere online. If you think you have seen it somewhere, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

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