Sunday, June 19, 2011


I joined Pinterest a while ago to gather inspiration for Project Spectrum, but before I knew it I had also gathered followers, started following others and created several new boards. I have found it a good way of keeping track of quilty inspiration as well. My pinboard for quilts is eclectic, I suppose, as I have gathered some old favourites along with new ones that catch my eye on my journeys through the blogosphere (doesn't that sound like a Sci-Fi adventure? "Journeys Through the Blogosphere"? LOL). Anyway, weave your way through the different quilty boards there and there is plenty of inspiration. Just remember to save some time for the actual sewing too ;-)
And for sewing one needs fabric - did I mention that you can pin favourite fabric as well? You are hereby warned...

Sunday, June 05, 2011

More pillow talk

 My old sofa pillows were looking a bit tired, so it was time for a change. I had a piece of gorgeous turquoise brocade which looked quite good next to a turquoise linen. I really like the different textures here. I also had some felt in the same colour, but decided that it was too much, so I kept it simple and used only these two. I used my largest yoyo-maker to make a brocade yoyo and found a gold button in my stash for the perfect finish.

For the back I used this great method again - it just comes together so easily that it has soon become my perfect go-to method of adding a zipper to the back of a pillow.
 The other pillow is quite different. It uses the same linen as the other one for the background, but here I added double sided strips of fabric stitched on to the backing along the middle of each strip. After finishing the pillow I tacked the strips together here and there with contrasting stitches of cotton floss. I used fabric from a pillow I made earlier and some of my precious Authentic strips, so that everything will tie in together eventually.
I used a newsprint fabric for the back of this one - nice to have something to read before taking a nap ;-)

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Red and green

 No, it's not Christmas. I'm just a little late with my Project Spectrum project for May. Not a huge thing, just another mug rug. I just grabbed some scraps and stitched them together, cutting some gentle curves and slanted stitching lines. I included a green strip for interest and quilted it with green thread. The binding is from my jar of leftover binding scraps. The red one was too short, so I included a multi-coloured piece as well.
While I was in full swing, I might as well continue with June and a green mug rug as well. For this one I cut four rectangles of the light green and added strips randomly at both sides, leaving a strip of the green foundation in the middle. The rectangles were trimmed and stitched together and I quilted a spirally diamond from the middle.
I will keep looking for green inspiration throughout the month, before I start concentrating on blues for July.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Green inspiration

Some green inspiration to share today. I have been pinning green images to keep in the Project Spectrum spirit, where June is the green month. I had lots of ideas for May, but didn't actually get round to starting a red project until the very last day. I still have a bit of binding to stitch, before I disclose the result - a whole mug rug! Not much, I know, but still... And today I actually made a green one as well, so with a bit of hand stitching tonight I might just have something to show you tomorrow!