Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fabulous fabric

Yes, I've done it again - I've added more fabric to my stash. I'm living this fabulous FABLE-life, you know: Fabric Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy! But who can resist it all? (And this isn't even all, I'll show more later...) I haven't got spesific plans for all of it, but then stamp collectors don't use all their stamps either, do they? Fabric just needs more storage space, that's all...
I had plans for this lovely Laurie Wisbrun-print though - in fact I have already used a lot of it - more about that later. I just had to show you the selvedge - how adorable isn't that? I  must find a way of working those fab cabs into a project. Luckily I have a bit of time on my hands right now as I've just started my holiday - three weeks of glorious days I can use for anything I wish. I won't let the weather get me down either - so what if it's pouring down outside: it's fabulous weather for sewing !

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What happened?

- Nothing much on the sewing front, that's for sure! A few days away, and somehow I didn't seem to find my way back to the sewing machine for a while. A new delivery of snow from above didn't help - too cold in the studio (aka the corner of my bedroom...) and exhaustingly long days at work have left me feeling drained. Lots of rest, hot drinks and warm quilts was what the doctor ordered.
I'm back now though. It's still cold for June, but summer seems to be approaching at long last, and I have finished quilting those ten mug rugs. The binding next. I had planned on using scraps of binding from former projects, but somehow none of them seem to go with these mug rugs, so I'll probably have to cut new ones.