Friday, May 05, 2006

Cake in a tie

This is a first. I haven't blogged about any kind of food I've made before, but I'm quite pleased with the cake I made today, so I felt like showing off :-). The occasion is my nephew's confirmation party tomorrow and I wanted to make something suitable for a young man. After several hours of googling cake decoration sites and noticing some nice formal cakes made to look like suits, I decided to do something similar, but more informal.
The theme colours for the party are a soft green and turquoise (remember "the old days" when we just used whatever party decorations we had?) so that was my starting point. A formal suit didn't seem right for our happy-go-lucky young man, so I decided that a shirt and tie would be better. As I was working it occured to me that forced to wear a tie it wouldn't be long until he had loosened it and opened the top button on his shirt, so I decided to do it that way, and to pull the tie to one side. This gave me a chance to make litle marzipan buttons as well. The pocket has a line of "stitching" all around and there is a small label with his name on. I hope he'll like it!
The cake itself is actually just an ordinary sponge cake split in three layers and filled with thin layers of strawberries blended with a little sugar and a generous amount of whipped cream mixed with caramel mousse. The shirt, tie and details are all made from marzipan. Not all that professional looking, I know, but still, I'm quite pleased with it!

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