Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things beginning with "p"

I have made a few new postcards. These are phototransferred images that were printed on the wrong setting so they came out a little faded, and I tried enhancing the images by adding some machine quilting. The scanned images of the finished postcards also became a bit faded. I tried adjusting the colours a bit on the computer, but they do look better in real life!

This is a pincushion I made for an exchange. The pattern is from Martha Stewart. I loved the look of them in different shades, colours and sizes, so I might have to make some more, even though the others in my quilt group teased me about it. Apparently you can buy tomato pincushions for next to nothing at the quilt shop, but they are of the mass produced variety and not half as nice as these homegrown ones, I think! I bet they are just jealous ;-) The picture at Martha's reminded me of long summer days in the country with my grandparents when I was a child. On Saturdays we kids used to walk to the nearest farm and use our allowance to buy left over tomatoes from the weeks pickings. Our fistful of brown coins would be exchanged for a big brown paper bag filled to the limit with these lovely juicy "sweets" in all sorts of odd shapes and shades. I can still remember the taste when biting into a tomato still warm from the sun: like liquid sunshine. We'd start eating them on our way home (in spite of gran's instructions to wait until after dinner) and by the time we got back we'd have little room left for dinner. We'd have tomatoes with our lunch for the rest of the week, but nothing could rival that first bite on the way home. Forbidden fruit, mmm ;-) But I digress - I was talking about pincushions. I also recieved one from the same exchange. A lovely star-shaped one with lots of machine embroidered details:The yellow and green fabrics are bali fabrics with a gold scroll print on top on one side, which really gives you two different fabrics to play with (I have the same one in pink and turqoise, that's why I know!) and here it is used to great effect with the gold side out on one side of the pincushion and the "plain" side (which really is the most beautiful one) on the other side. What a lucky girl I am - thank you Camilla!

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