Sunday, May 21, 2006

A cross stitcher

I mentioned earlier that I was working on a cross-stitched piece as a present for a friend. A whole group of us are making pieces to be put in a photoalbum where the pockets are 5 x 7 ". I measured and calculated ever so carefully before I started, created a layout based on some free patterns from about, and stitched happily away. Yesterday I finally finished this piece and started to mount it, only to find out that I have miscalculated! I had decided to make a card to mount it in but realized that the d*** thing is too big. If I am to end up with a 5 x 7 card I'll only get about 3/8 of an inch frame around the whole thing, making it look cramped and akward. So the question now is what to do?

  1. Forge ahead and decide that it is what it is,
  2. come up with another clever way of finishing it or
  3. stitch something else before mid-June?

Sigh! I'll have to sleep on it, and might yet come up with a solution, but it just makes me so irritated with myself. Why didn't I check my measurements better? Arrgh!!!

There, that felt good - I've got it out of my system and no doubt, by tomorrow I'll know what to do - I think...

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