Thursday, April 24, 2008


After failing too keep up with Project Spectrum last year, I decided that this year, with only four assignments it would be much easier...
Well, it has been *almost* finished for quite some time, if that counts!

Project Spectrum is all about celebrating the colours around us, and this year it has been tied up to the elements, and as you can probably guess from my pictures, Fire was the first one. I decided to focus on one craft this year, so I'm making four small quilts, 8 x 12". After a few quick sketches I ended up with a concept so the four "quiltlets" will tell a story together. I've chosen a poem as my starting point, and snippets from it will appear in all four pieces.
I wasn't quite sure about adding a binding - I thought the small format might be overwhelmed by it, but I decided to go for it, using a new technique I saw in a friend's quilt and that I have been eager to try: I stitched the binding on from the back, and sewed it on to the front by hand, adding a bead with every stitch. Not something I would like to repeat for a large quilt, but doable for this little one. I quite like the effect. It looks a little crooked and uneven in the pictures, but it is quite straight in "real life"!
We are way into April and the next element, which is Earth. My schedule is not as full now as it was in March, so I should be able to finish it by May. I have the idea clear in my head, so it's just a matter of getting those green and brown fabrics sorted and then there is that lovely Bronze Paintstick I just bought. "Next week", I promise myself...

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