Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's been a while...

-so long that I had trouble remembering my password there for a second...

It has been all work and very little play recently, but things are looking up. I have managed to make my mind up about that quilt - a white border with some black in it and a wider border in black with white. The fabrics are waiting next to the sewing machine as we speak. They will have to wait until Tuesday, though, as we are off to a family event this weekend. The Confirmation party of the young girl I'm making the quilt for, in fact. I realized I'd be killing myself trying to finish the quilt in time, so we'll go for the true and tested method of giving the promise of a gift... A photo-collage of the making of the quilt and all the decisions to be made along the way and the reasons for the delay, and hopefully she'll forgive me for not getting it ready on time!

I have been so stressed out lately that I have just collapsed in front of the telly in the evening, but at least I have managed to knit this pair of mittens for a little toddler friend. Yarn: Sirdair Aran - leftover from a previous project. Hopefully they'll keep those sweet little fingers warm when his dad straps the carrier to his back and brings him along on his daily hike. Dad's protest that "he hasn't complained" didn't convince this "auntie" - some needle action was definitely called for!

There's a promise of spring in the air again - so no more snow now, thank you! - Did you hear that, King Winter? I've had enough! The plants on my balcony are tentatively showing their little green ears and I'm looking forward to sitting there ever so quietly gazing out. I manage to ignore the surrounding buildings and focus on the sea and the mouintain in the distance. Somehow I never get tired of this view!

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