Thursday, November 20, 2008

Marie Claire has done it again!

After Vicky's glowing review the other day, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of the latest issue of Marie Claire Idées, and lo and behold - here it is! And it is chock-full of inspiration! I was a bit disappointed with the autumn issue, so my expectations weren't as high as before. But after seeing Vicky's photos I knew I was in for a treat, and I was. Apart from the lovely things she presented there are lots more: This lovely teddy made from different scraps of fabric, for one. There's lots of teddy-stuff to make, but I fell for this jolly face - teddies are usually bit sad or wistful looking, and that is part of their charm, but it was fun to see a smiling one for once.

A Christmas wreath wrapped in white fabric and adorned with yo-yos, some of them stuffed and some flat looks really nice.
And what about this quilt? I love the combination of old photos transferred to fabric and appliqued skiers in wintry hues with just a scattering of red.
And all this gardening inspiration - knitted radishes, fabric strawberries and a sweet little produce quilt which reminds me of a pepper quilt I made once for a friend's 30th birthday - I should get a picture of that one!
And I absolutely adore these pins. I believe their heads are made of polymer clay - maybe something to make for my friends for Christmas? It's a pity I have let my schoolgirl French slip away - who knew I'd need it to read Marie Claire...
Still, I get the gist of the articles, and what I don't understand I make up, so I will probably end up with something entirely different, but that's half the fun, though - isn't it?


Tine said...

OH! Now I see I have to go out and buy this!!

Lily Boot said...

oh it does look lovely! I think I will just have to visit Borders in town and search for it. :-)