Monday, September 07, 2009

Looking forward

I'm still quilting along on my zigzag quilt, and although there is a lot of stopping and turning, I finally feel that there is some progress, and I'm enjoying the work. Working on one project doesn't stop me from dreaming about the next, of course. After hearing a lot about it, I caved and bought an X-block ruler the other day. The idea of this is to make a nine-patch, put the ruler on top, aligning the lines with the seams in the block, before trimming the block. I grabbed some scraps and had a go, and voila - here's my first block. The blocks can be used to make a variety of intricate-looking quilts.
I have been thinking and dreaming about a red and aqua quilt for a while, and after playing in EQ for a while, I came up with this. The blocks are quite small, so the quilt will be 40 x 40" - just the right size to drape over the back of my sofa or use as a tablecloth - I haven't decided which!

I have been planning on giving two of the pictures above my sofa a rest for a while, and as I mentioned earlier, I have framed some cards to hang there in place of one of them. I haven't actually hung them yet, because I didn't know what to substitute for the other one. Then the thought struck me: why not a quilt? There are quilts on the walls everywhere, except in my living room. I kept working in EQ, and this small quilt (16 x 20") is what I came up with. If I make it in the same colours as the other one, I can make blocks for both quilts at the same time, getting two for one, so to speak, and I get the added bonus of a coordinated look.
So this is the plan, or dream, I have before me while quilting along. These may be my next projects, or the ones after that... Or maybe I'll end up making something entirely different...

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Tine said...

I think a quilt on your wall is a great idea :) and the patterns you've come up with in EQ are gorgeous! Dreaming of those should get you through the rest of the quilting :)