Sunday, September 06, 2009

It happened again last night

- I didn't win the lottery. So it seems I'll have to keep the day job and squeeze my quilting and crafting time in where I can. I'm at the point with my zigzag quilt that there is very little to show right now - it's just a lot of zigzagging lines. I'm beginning to regret choosing this mode of quilting, because I get bored with all the stopping and turning of this big quilt, so while I'm trudging along I find myself struggling to restrain myself from veering out from the pattern, maybe go in a straight line out from halfway down and fill the open areas with lines, or maybe let the zigzags become looser and looser until they become waves?
I managed to stay on the straight and narrow path I've carved out for myself yesterday, but couldn't help sketching out my idea when I sat down to relax later on. Am I being undisciplined, not wanting to stick to my plan, or just creative...?
Talking about creativity - I really began this post thinking about how little time I actually have for creating during the week. Being distracted by new hobbies doesn't help either. My subscription to Quilting Arts some years ago quickly led to a subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors and the new and exciting world of mixed media. I find myself with an urge to create, and have started dabbling a little, without much to show for myself so far. The main problem is having nowhere to set up a little crafting corner, so my supplies have to be put away after use, and the thought of all the mess I create stops me from getting them out again. I'm still at the point where I'm working on creating interesting backgrounds with collage, paint and stamps and I have redone this little canvas several times already. Coming up with a theme for something to put on top is still a challenge, and it gets easier when I actually have time to let my imagination fly. I keep coming back to houses as a theme, though, so that may be one thing to explore for a while. Hm, houses, a room of one's own to create in... there might be something there...
I made the mistake on this one of spraying it with a fixative that has given it a sheen that makes it hard to take a decent photo of it, but it's all a part of the learning process, I suppose. I'll probably glue or paint something new on top of it one day soon anyway, I guess. I'll keep you posted.

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Lisa said...

wow! that house is beautiful!!!