Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staying indoors

Somehow my balcony doesn't seem too tempting today... It's been raining non stop since last night I think (at least all my dreams have been accompanied by the sound of rain) and even the big trees are swaying in the wind. You probably can't see it in my photo, but the sea that you glimpse beyond the trees has choppy white topped waves that would make me really reluctant to go out in a boat (not that there would be any reason to anyway...)

It's much better to stay indoors and do a bit of this. I spent most of the morning layering my zigzag quilt, which has been languishing in the To Do pile for ever it seems. I have been distracted by other projects and once you go down that slippery slope, it can be difficult to haul yourself back to finishing off those ongoing projects... Or maybe that's only me? No, didn't think so! ;-) There are just too many lovely distractions out there!

Oh well, I'm doing it now, though - once I'm finished pinning this I intend to settle by the sewing machine and do some quilting. I will do this one in parallel zigzagging lines, following the pieced zigzags. I was contemplating doing it by hand, but I think I'd rather have a finished quilt before I get distracted by something else...

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Tine said...

Mmmmmm!! It's wonderful, Mathea! I do that too, get distracted, start something new, and have such a hard time getting back to the UFO's!
But it really is worth it to finish those UFO's...especially a beauty like your zigzags. The comment about the handstitching made me lol.