Sunday, August 16, 2009

Swappy goodness

My dear cyber friend Calamity Kim posted about her new Johnny Depp bag a while ago. I left a "swoon" comment and before you knew it, Kim generously offered to get me one too. After a bit of mailing back and forth we decided to do a swap, and just in time for the weekend I got to pick up an exciting box from the post office... I couldn't wait to get home, and see what was inside. And what a lot there was! First of all there was the bag, of course. Isn't he gorgeous? Can't wait to take him to town ;-)

And as if the bag wasn't enough - look at all this! Books, magazines, cards, fabric, labels and a marvellous envelope full of all sorts of little treasures. Everything was so prettily wrapped too, that I'm definitely keeping the paper to use in future craft projects.
It's almost inspiration overload, and I've spent the weekend gazing at all my treasures and dreaming about all that I can make with this. Kim is so generous and the swap was a real delight! Thank you, my friend!


Tine said...

What a great swap :) I am sure you will have fun showing Mr Depp around town!

calamity kim said...

you are so welcome you sweet thing!