Monday, August 24, 2009


I've had an Olfa mat cutter for a while, and finally managed to source some mat board in order to do my own framing. Being a procrastinator extraordinare (yes, I admit it!) I kept putting off a tryout. When I finally decided to start, the cards I wanted to frame had disappeared. I spent ages searching everywhere, but finally had to call it a day. As what so often happens in these cases, my brain solved the mystery while I was sleeping, and the next morning I got up and went straight to the folder where I'd put those cards - love it when that happens!
Then I had some stuff to stitch, so it took a while, but finally I decided to give it a try. And you know: it was much easier than I thought! I had some difficulties with the first mat, because it turns out that you have to cut a little bit past the corners because the board is cut at a slanting line, but once I had worked that out, I did a much better job.

That made the corners of my first mat slightly ragged, but this is my second attempt, and I must say I'm rather pleased with it!
The cards I've framed are by Michael Powell, from his Venetian Window range. Have a look at his site - love those quirky houses of his!

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