Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slowly, slowly back to reality...

I'm back at work after three weeks off and life is slowly falling back into the normal pattern after weeks of lazing, gazing, reading and a little bit of stitching. There was none of that hectic Olympic Quilting effort from last summer, and all plans of spending the time efficiently flew out of the window as the temperature soared and the holiday mood took over. But it was lovely. I can hardly remember a time when I was this lazy since I was in my teens. Just something so heavenly as sitting down in the shade in the middle of the day and read a book! And I managed to ignore that persistent little voice in the back of my head telling me about all those useful things I should be doing, and after a while it seemed to give up... There was plenty of time to hang out with friends and family too.

I think this was just what I needed at this point in time, after a really hectic spring and pre-summer at work. I dabbled a bit on a few projects, but I haven't really got all that much to show for it. And all my well laid plans of things I would do when I was off from work was forgotten. And the funny thing is that I'm fine with it!
One of the things I have been working on, is this old thing, and it is slowly evolving into a handbag of sorts. I added some braided and folded sidepanels to make both pieces wide enough, and then decided it was too short and wide for a bag. So I added a top strip to make it deeper, but still thought it was too wide, so I added pleats, and the work continues... I might add some more stitching here and there, or I could just stop here and put it all together. It might need to marinate a bit before I decide. Maybe I'll just read another book.
I'm enjoying a bit of nostalgia today - just found the Cats-CD on special offer (I have the LP, but no record player), and find to my surprise that I still remember all the words of all the songs and that Rum Tum Tugger still wants to leap on your lap in the middle of your sewing, and the old Gumbie cat is forever tying the curtain cord into sailors' knots - such crafty cats ;-) So I sit here typing away and singing my head off. Later I might go and make a lining for my bag. Or maybe not. I could just impersonate that gumbie cat ("she sits and sits and sits and sits, and that's what makes a gubie cat"...)

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Tine said...

ooohhh....I want to come on your next vacation!