Friday, October 30, 2009


It was my birthday last week and I took the opportunity to gather friends and family for a small party. Any party, however small, takes a bit of planning, shopping and work, of course and I tend to get myself a bit worked up about all the things that "ought to be" in place before people arrive. I ought to dust and hoover, the sink ought to be empty and shiny (creating the illusion that all the food didn't take any work at all, but just appeared by magic) and the windows should be clean and... You get the picture. Sometimes it just gets too overwhelming, and all the fun seems to drain straight out of the event.
It might just be that I'm getting older and wiser, but in the midst of all my preparations it suddenly dawned on me that I was the one setting the standard for how things were supposed to be, and that really there was no need to strive for perfection. After all, the guests were all close friends and family members who choose to come because they want to be with me, not to check on the cleanness of my floors.

I did get some dust bunnies out of the way, but there were unwashed dishes in the sink, and I allowed my guests to help me setting the table. It all made for a lovely, casual gathering where the hostess was relaxed and had time to chat with everybody - and you know what? I don't think anyone noticed the state of my window panes! As we were all gathered in my living room I realized that I have so much to be grateful for - lifelong friends, newer friends and family who all get along and care enough to take time out of their busy lives to give me a wonderful birthday! I got lots of nice presents too, and one of the best was this ladder that was made especially for me. I happened to mention some weeks ago that I was looking for an old ladder to use in my living room to hang quilts from. And it turned out that they had all been searching high and low for old ladders, but because none were to be found, an old friend had spent the evening before my party making this! A certain way to win a special place in my heart - a handmade gift is really the best gift of all, isn't it?

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