Thursday, October 22, 2009

On a roll

I was saying in a comment over at Jan's the other day that I hadn't bought any Jelly Rolls yet. But it seems that her post about Moda's new Authentic range got me on a roll ;-) I just couldn't resist Authentic, and went straight online to order some yardage of the most interesting prints, and a Jelly Roll too. I could see several of these fabrics as accents in quilts and other projects, and smaller pieces would be just right for these. A bit of a "stroll" through some web shops later I had come across this roll from Westminster - strictly not a Jelly Roll, (as that is a registered trademark, I believe), but lovely just the same. So, of course I "had to" get some...

I have been thinking of getting some Kona cotton solids too, but there were so many colours I wanted, and I didn't really want that much of each, so getting a roll seemed like a good idea. The only problem with these rolls is that they are so pretty, that it is hard to convince oneself to unroll them.

Maybe just as well that the Authentic strips came flat-packed in a zip-lock bag. I was slightly disappointed at first, but realized that probably was so that they could be mailed in a small envelope and get here quicker, and anyway, the roll already being opened makes it easier to start using the fabric.

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Melinda said...

I have the Authentic fabric in a jelly roll, charm packs, a layer cake and some yardage and all I am able to do so far is admire it. I want to use it but I just can't seem to actually cut into it.