Sunday, October 04, 2009

And here it is

So I finished this little quilt. This was my first attempt using the X-block ruler. Not very tricky, but there's a lot of waste, as you make 9-patches first and cut away a skinny triangle on each side. I have a bigger version in mind in the same colours, and I'm already cutting strips and squares for that one - I might as well since I had already started. That one is going to have a few extra borders, making it a larger quilt (40 x 40" or so) but this one, at 19 x 22" (I made the borders slightly wider than planned) is just what that extra spot on the wall needed, once I started rearranging my pictures. I need to adjust it a bit so it hangs straight before you see a picture of the whole wall.

We've hit a cold spell here lately, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to spend time actually doing anything other than snuggling under a quilt in the evenings. I always seem to go through a bit of an adjustment period (considering hibernation...) when we enter the cold season, before I'm back on track sewing and crafting again. I'll just have to let the mood run it's course for a few days, I suppose and spend some time with a good book instead. There's a quilt guild meeting coming up in a few days, and all the new inspiration and companionship should sort me out ...

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