Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday sewing

I'm waking up from the holiday coma and today I ventured into the sewing room again to get some work done. I finished trimming all my x-blocks for the second quilt and stitched them together in rows. A bit of ironing here and I can stitch the whole thing together - I might actually finish the top this year, but no promises...

I also finished the body of my sister's bag and auditioned some fabrics for the lining. This one won. It will give her something to read on the bus ;-) I'm also going to make a hanging pocket with a zipper and room for a cell phone. I have made a similar one on several bags now and really like them. As I was looking for my notes (which I couldn't find, of course) I thought it might be a good idea to document the different steps and measurements for future use. There might be a tutorial in it, in fact. We'll see. It will have to wait until daylight so I can get some decent photos anyway. It looks like we'll be snowed in tomorrow as well, so the sewing room might actually be the best place to be.
Correction: The mittens mentioned in the previous post are actually Norwegian, and the pattern can be bought here.

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