Sunday, December 27, 2009

In between time

Enjoying some quiet time after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and before New Years Eve, with family and friends gathered around some lovely meals. I'm going to another party today, but for the rest of the week I expect to get time to venture into the chaos which is my sewing room. I'll start off with some tidying up tomorrow morning, and then I get to sew to my heart's content - looking forward to that!

I got some lovely presents this year. My sister visited Estonia earlier this month and look at these lovely mittens I got! I've heard these described as Latvian mittens earlier, but I expect they share the same tradition in all three Baltic countries. I like the cats on the front, and the fact that their curly tails are repeated in the border, but look at the fish on the thumb - it took me a while to discover that, but I just love it!
The minute I put them on I felt the urge to go outside and have a snowball fight, and this morning we woke up to snow, so now I can ;-)

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