Thursday, February 11, 2010

And I never learn...

... that stating on the blog that "tomorrow I will make..." is the best way of making sure that it doesn't happen! Sure enough, I woke up the next day feeling terrible, and spent most of my time Sunday through Tuesday sneezing and coughing, huddled under a quilt on the sofa, watching some 28 episodes or so of Friends. So, at least I've gone through the whole boxed set of DVDs now, but not done as much sewing as I had planned. I did spend some time at the sewing machine, though, so I've finished adding the black strips to my blocks. So as not to jinx it, I'll say nothing about stitching them together until it is actually done.
Not today, though, I will do a bit of hand stitching while listening to my new favourite CD: "The Sea" by Corinne Bailey Rae - love it!

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Tine said...

Beautiful fabrics! Are you making the quilt were the blocks look like they are woven into each other? Now that didn't make any sense at all did it? Anyway these blocks look like some I have all cut and ready to go on my sewing table :)
I hope you are feeling better, and that you are ready to sew again!