Sunday, February 28, 2010


After a very unproductive period, I managed to get my quilt top together this weekend. It still needs a border (black), but at least I can give a preview of sorts. I find it difficult to photograph large quilts, because there isn't much wall space to hang them from, but I think I might have come up with a solution - I'll let you know. For now, I just draped this top over the bookshelf without moving stuff away, but you get the idea. This is made from a designer roll of 2 1/2 " strips from Westminster Fabrics. It's all florals designed by Philip Jacobs. I just stitched two and two half strips together (to get more variety than if I had stitched the whole strips together), and cut them up to make fourpatches. I think the black edges set them off nicely, and I really like the woven effect you get at a distance.

I'm thinking of piecing the back from my stash of green fabrics. What do you think? There are several there which never seem to be just the right green for whatever I'm working on, so it might be a good way of pressing them into service. I think green would be OK as a complement to all those florals - you need some foilage to go with them, right? And since there are all sorts of greens in the florals, I have an idea that I might make this work.

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