Saturday, March 06, 2010


I seem to be all over the place, crafting wise, these days. I pick up one thing, work on it for a while, sigh, put it down and go for something else. I can't seem to settle down to working on one thing for long enough to actually make any progress. Now, winter is not really my kind of season, and it has been a long and cold one this year. I just want to bury myself under a heap of blankets not to resurface until Spring. Of course, that is an urge I cannot give in to - one has to make a living, and that means actually showing up for work ;-)

Oh well, time to pull myself together, isn't it? Working on lots of little bits and pieces the way I've been doing creates a lot of mess: patterns pulled out, stuffed half heartedly almost back, but not quite.. Knitting needles and wool migrating from its basket, ribbons, floss, fabric - I tell you: the stuff gets everywhere!
So today was my first designated clean-up day in a while. I've been sorting through my stash of fancy yarns - I realized that I need to find some one- or two-skein patterns to make a dent in that stash (and I don't even think of myself as a knitter - why did I buy it all?). I resisted the urge to start looking for patterns while I was sorting though - keep your nose to the grindstone girl...
I'm happy to say that things are looking much better now. My ribbons are wound up and placed in a pretty little tin I just had to have, but never found a use for, magazines are lined up in new magazine files and stacks of fabric from recent projects and newly purchased ones are sorted, ready to be put away.
I'm planning to "prune" my stash of old fabric by making some utility quilts for family members - big squares and fleece backing - just something quick and easy to keep them warm through the rest of this intermittent winter. Then I might actually find room for my recent purchases...
I'll see how much of it I actually manage to find room for now, though, and then I'll settle in a cozy corner with some ofmy ongoing projects and see if I actually may finish some of them, and then I just might share with you what they all are... Riveting, stuff, isn't it? :-D

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