Saturday, March 13, 2010

Enough fabric?

I did manage to get all my fabric tucked into the mushroom crates I use for storage (I should look into som better storage solutions, I suppose...), but only after pulling out a lot of older stuff. It is very obvious when I look at these latest photos where my colour preferences lie. I can't seem to resist light greens, aquas or any shade of turquoise - I really need to use them more!

I'm making a dent in my turquoise stash at the moment though, working on the backing for my Lonni Rossi autumn quilt. I have stitched eight star blocks (five of them today!) and cut several large squares that I'm going to stitch together tomorrow. I finally managed to find some 505 basting spray (my favourite) and bought three cans, so I should have enough to

tide me over for a while. That's good, because I seem to have a lot going on all of a sudden!
I mentioned pulling out some old fabrics: I've decided to piece a green backing for my woven quilt, using all my darker, mossy, leafy greens that I never actually use in quilts anyway. I found a couple of yards of black fabric with green leaves, and some bright blue bits in between. I will use this in strips in between the greens to give them a bit of a lift, and to tie all the different shades together, I think.
I also pulled out a lot of old blue fabric to make into a simple utility quilt for one of my nephews - he just turned 13 and suddenly the quilt I made for him some years ago with kittens and frogs is very embarassing to have lying around... I've decided to make a blue quilt: just big squares, with the occasional dash of orange, and just back it with orange fleece (blue and orange are the colours of his favourite football team) - cool enough for a young man, yet warm enough for a chilly night. Hm, this might just mean that I'm setting myself up for a new round of quiltmaking - the other five might want new ones too... Oh well, that will keep me busy for a while, I guess!

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