Sunday, March 21, 2010

And now for something completely different...

There's a limit to how many blog posts I can use to talking about the backing of my quilt, isn't there? So, while the work continues, here are some coasters I have been working on. I needed to print a picture for my sister on a sheet of ink-jet printing fabric and was casting about for other images to print at the same time to get the most of the fabric. In my files I found these fruit crate labels I had downloaded from Dover previously. You can subscribe to their newsletter, and each week you get the opportunity to download images from their books of old drawings, pictures etc. I have a folder full of these by now and have been using them for all sorts of things. The victorian Christmas selection make nice Christmas cards, for instance.

I filled my page with different labels, but I must admit to beeing a bit stingy about space, so I got very scant seam allowances, which is why these labels are a bit cropped, but it was a nice try, anyway. I added strips of white cotton on all four sides, placed all the pieces on a a piece of batting with backing fabric underneath and quilted them all in one go. Then I cut them apart and added single fold binding. Vintage labels are so pretty. Now why don't they make them like that anymore? You can also find a lot of vintage labels and other images on this site.

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Jan said...

Love these! Great idea.