Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog kite

In one of the blogs I visit, Wednesday's Child, Joanne shares her everyday life with a wry humour that I really appreciate. She talks about life as it is, and comes across as very open and honest, something which I admire a lot. Still there is always that sense of humour and the ability to stand back and look at what others might see.

In her January 24th post she wrote:

"I wish I had someone walking the dog with me. So I could have a photo to show you. Me, walking on the street and Riley, walking up on top of the tallest snowbanks he can find. We bring joy to every passing car. Or at least a big smile. A woman with a dog kite." This idea of the dog kite just got stuck in my mind, and soon the creative cogs and wheels started whizzing and churning. Now, I'm not all that good at drawing, but I made a few sketches, searched the internet for photos of snowdrifts and walking dogs, and gradually improved my sketch so at least you could see that there was a woman and a dog there. As I mentioned in the previous post, I admire the work of Janet Bolton, and wanted to try a similair method of appliqué. I used a piece of osnaburg for my background, and stitched my picture on to a felt backing. So there you have it. Woman With a Dog Kite. I hope you like it Joanna!

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Joanne S said...

I'm Gobsmacked! You've captured the moment. Riley looks perfect. I look exactly like I look except you have given me a nice red hat (which I will need to purchase for next winter).

I am so pleased that you enjoy reading about my simple life. And so delighted to have a "picture" of Woman with a Dog Kite.