Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The builder

My house is almost done. I only have to decide on some fabric for the background and frames. I've been auditioning several different fabrics, and I'm leaning towards a blue one with stars - the house-block is a bit weird, so I thought why not let the whole thing be floating in space? Another idea was to use a green foliage fabric to give the idea of a house in the woods. Or maybe some neutral fabrics... Hm, I'll have to think about that until tomorrow, or Friday more likely... -I'm going to a work convention thing tomorrow - a long trip, so I'll probably not be up to doing much when I get home. I hope to get it done by Saturday though, so I can take it to the quilt shop for display - there might be enough interest to run a class...
When this is done I'll finally get started on my turquoise Chelsea bag. I know I promised myself I'd finish the tree skirt before I started anything new, but Christmas is miles away and I have to do something else right now. I don't want quilting to become a chore, so a break is necessarry I tell myself ;-)

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