Sunday, January 13, 2008


Lots to do lately and not much time for creating, but at least I have some work up on my design wall. The advantage of using wall space like this while working on a quilt is that you can spend a few minutes every now and again moving pieces about and gradually getting to a pleasing layout. While passing through the room something will catch my eye and I'll see that one area is not working, move a few pieces, and with a sigh of content tell myself: "yes, that's better". So, little by little, the design is coming together.
There is one problem with my cramped living conditons, though - my design wall doesn't have enough room for the entire quilt. I have two panels up on the wall now and there is a third to go.
Here's my plan: I'm going to stitch the pieces for the left panel together, move the pieces of the center panel to the left and put up the pieces of the third panel when that's done. Think it will work?
I have made sure that I have squares of all sizes in a variety of colours, so I should have what I need to make the third panel interesting, and I'll be able to do a little shifting of pieces between panel 2 and 3 while I'm at it. Looking on what I have so far, I see that there is still some room for improvement before I start stitching, but I can hardly wait. It looks sooo much better in real life too, so I believe it will turn out all right in the end.
I decided to go with the leaf prints, but not the turquoise. The black in the leaf prints will echo the black in the border, so there will be a relationship between them. The turquoise will find it's way into some other project eventually - there is hardly a quilt without it here...

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