Friday, January 18, 2008

Time to smell the flowers

The last traces of Christmas have been hidden away and we are half way into a hectic January. The last week has been frantic, and I'm going to spend some quiet, reflective time at home this weekend. I will do a little sewing if I feel like it - the first panel of my autumn quilt is almost done after a few bursts of sewing activity. There has been little time for that alas, but I have decided not to obsess about it - I will sew if I feel like it or do something else if that strikes my fancy - I have no deadlines looming, and that feels good.
Maybe I'll take some time to jot down a few ideas and sketches of things I want to make. I have a few ideas for handbags, and there is a blue and white quilt lurking in the wings of my mind. I might even get over the initial hesitation and place the first pencil marks in my new journal. I just couldn't resist the flocked design of this Tricia Guild journal - beautiful colours, interesting texture, pretty striped ribbons - what's not to like? It's just the idea of ruining its pristine beauty that is stopping me for a little while - it is so pretty that it should only be used for pretty thoughts...
Oh, well... who am I kidding? My thoughts are rarely pretty, but hopefully colourful and creative, and I will put this journal to good use once I get started, I'm sure. In the meantime I'll spend some quiet time curled up under a quilt and

smell the flowers. Ranunculuses have such gorgeous flowers, don't they? Like the layers upon layers of skirts and petticoats of a fairytale ball gown - who would have thought they were related to the humble buttercup?

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Granny Fran said...

You must have some pretty, colorful, creative thoughts to have created this attractive blog.
I'm admiring the Ranunculuses and trying to figure out how to design 3-dimensional versions to embellish a quilt. I love Buttercups of all kinds, also.