Saturday, January 05, 2008

Looking back

As I sit back and contemplate the year we've just left behind and how quickly it has passed, it's only natural to think about what I have achieved, isn't it? I won't go into the achivements on the work front, only say that more success means more time and energy spent there and less quilting time. Sigh. You can't have everything, can you ;-)

Looking on the picture of the three stems of Amaryllis (or is that Amarylli in plural?) I realize that I neglected to post much about my redecorating project this summer. The view from this angle is very different from last January with the dark blue, rag rolled walls and bright colourful curtains. The look now is also colourful, but maybe a bit more subdued. I wasn't quite sure to begin with, but I really like the new wall colour and my IKEA curtains (one wouldn't normally call them subdued of course, but compared to their predecessors...) The redecorating was a huge undertaking for me, having to move a whole wall of books and paint each and every shelf and let them dry before the wall unit could be reassembled alone took the best part of a week. And then there was the rest of the room. And the decluttering. It seems to me I've spent months on this! And I did it all singlehandedly. I have always had help from friends during previous redecorating and moving stunts, but it is easier when you have an empty room to paint. Because of lack of space to put all my stuff in, I knew I had to deal with one corner of the room at a time and move everything back before I could deal with the next area, and that would mean my friends would have had to keep coming back, helping out in small bursts at a time, which seemed too much to ask for. Not that they wouldn't have done it, mind you - and I knew that if I had breathed a word of my plans they would have been 'round in their overalls with paintbrushes at the ready in no time. Instead I chose to do it while everybody else was away on holiday, creating quite a stir when they visited afterwards and saw what I had done. That was fun!
I'm going on and on about this now, and I was really going to talk about my quilting efforts in 2007. Well, this is it:

-more or less, anyway. I think I have written about most pieces as I have been working on them, so I won't go there now, but it doesn't look too bad now, does it? And come to think of it there have been some knitting and embroidery projects too, some of which are still WIPs of course. So all in all I think 2007 has been a productive year for me. And there will hopefully be more to come in 2008. On the quilting front I have at least three projects on the go at the moment, my Grandmother's Garden quilt, the Autumn Window and the just started Autumn Garden. I will have pictures of that in the next post.

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