Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not too bad after all...

After all the fuss about that moon fabric I just went ahead and used it as is, thinking I could create a lighter effect when I quilt it. But, you know what? I think it will be all right after all! I just have to stop looking at the picture of the original!
I don't usually buy kits, but I loved the effect of that brown swirly fabric used for the background, so I just went ahead and ordered it. I suppose that using a kit I was more hung up about the thing looking like the original than I usually am - I usually make a point of doing my own thing, and find myself going off on a tangent somewhere in the middle of a project, but not so this time. The moon looked really dark on its own, but when I put it in place on the background, the effect was much better than I had anticipated. Once I add the witch I'll see if I get enough of a contrast, but I think it will be OK after all.
I went ahead and did some freestyle embroidery on my dragonfly as well, and although the silver foil didn't stick evenly on both sides, it doesn't really matter. I used a variegated thread in silver, copper and teal for the stitching. As you can see this is not a common dragonfly, but rather a dragonfly lady. I based it on a picture of a piece of Art Noveau jewellery I found in a book, and although I had to simplify it a bit, I think you get a sense of the original. This is going to be the center of a square in square block for a friendship quilt, but it is a secret so don't tell anyone... ;-)


Lily Boot said...

it's majestic! Is that applique! My goodness I think it is marvellous and the moon looks very moony. :-)

Tine said...

Tthe halloween quilt is fantastic! And I agree with Lily, the moon is very moony!
The dragonfly is fantastic!! I was thinking it looked like a piece of jewellery :-) Someone is going to be very happy receiving something that beautiful!