Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Holiday spirit...

I woke up to a world all beautifully dressed in white today. I couldn't believe it - after all the rain and wind we've been having, it was almost eerie to see everything covered in snow. Since we turned the clock back this weekend it was lighter than usual when I got up, and even more so because of the snow. And so quiet, because there was almost no traffic (I discovered where everybody was once I got on the bus!). I was much too tired to remember to take a picture, though, and now it's all gone! Not that I'm complaining, as it was at least a month too early for my liking. But it did seem to get me in the holiday spirit, because look what I came home with: the latest issue of Christmas Ideas.

I have just leafed through it so far, but I stopped on this page - I quite like these Christmas trees in all their simplicity - I might just have to get out my stash of green fabric and see if I can make some of these - it seems like a quick project.

Talking about quick projects - ehrm... still working on my Haunted House quilt, but I'm almost there: I've finished the quilting and prepared the binding, so I should be able to get it up on the wall by Friday, unless it is hexed...
The fabric for the moon seems to work all right after all. Once the witch was added it turned out that it was just the right shade. Just in case you think I'm a wonderful needle-turn applique whiz, I must hasten to add that the applique is of the raw edge kind, done with fusible web. I've used Steam-a-seam Lite, which is great for this kind of project because it is a bit sticky, so I could easily place and adjust the pieces and make them stay put while moving on to the ironing board. The borders were added and the quilt layered with batting and backing before the pieces were stitched on with free-motion stitching through all layers.

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Tine said...

It looks wonderful! It's such a great idea to stitch through all the layers. That way it adds to the quilting too :-)
The Christmas-magazine looks beautiful! I'm so happy I skipped my fall projects and went straight to the Christmas-sewing, I would be soo behind. LOL!