Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 - summing up

This last year has been so busy that I have had little time for crafting, or so it has seemed. But looking through my photos I have a few things to show for the hoursIve spent by the sewing machine or in front of the TV after all. Not my best year, if quantity is anything to go by, but quite a few fiddly bits and pieces, and at least six large quilts, so I think I'll pat myself on the back and say "well done" after all. Mind you, they aren't all finished, but I have a plan... One must have something to strive for in the new year after all ;-) And I will have more spare time (I think...) and lots of ideas, so once I get my sewing space sorted out (again) I'll start on a new project or two... But not until next year!
Thank you all so much for keeping me company in 2008, and Happy New Year!

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Tine said...

Look at everything you made this year! I'd say you've earned that pat on the back!
Looking forward to 2009 :) Have a happy and safe New Years' celebration :)