Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thank heaven for blogger girls

Since I started reading blogs and writing my own I feel I have been given so much in terms of inspiration. Little did I know a few years ago that there were so many people out there with the same "weird" crafting urges that I have and nobody else around me seem to understand.
And there is so much generosity out there! People sharing freely of their ideas and inspiration, spurring the rest of us on to start new projects and bring so much joy.
And I had no idea that this blogging thing would lead to so many new books on my shelves. In fact, quite a few of the novels I have bought over the last couple of years have been bought on a blogger's recommendation. And now, some of the bloggers I have followed since the beginning have released books of their own, chock-full of inspiration!
I have mentioned Jane Brocket's (of Yarnstorm fame) and Kristin Nicholas' books earlier, and look what the latest shipment from Amazon contained: Anna Maria Horner, Alicia Paulson and Vicki Haninger have all entered my home! Three wonderful books full of inspiration and beautiful pictures; Well done all of you! - I certainly know what I will be savouring once I settle in for the holidays this Christmas!

But there is still so much to do before the holidays! I have finished the journal covers, but that's all. I have been ill this last week - and you don't really feel like decorating or buying presents when you spend most of your time heaving over a bucket ... I'm much better now though, so tomorrow it's time to start the preparations - I have cookies to bake, presents to buy, wrap and send, christmas cards to write and Santas to bring down from the attic... I had better get some rest first!


Tine said...

I am so sorry to hear you have been sick! That does not sound nice at all :(
I am glad you are feeling better, and you are all ready to get into the Chriatmas-spirit!

Lily Boot said...

Oh no! Heaving at Christmas is absolutely no good! Hope your tummy has settled down. It is lovely finding books by your favourite bloggers isn't it - makes you feel amazingly connected them!