Friday, December 12, 2008

Xmas pressies, check!

I'm getting there... After last week's setback, I have made some progress this week - a couple of hours at the bookshop and most of the pressies are taken care of. I'm the sensible auntie who prefers to buy books for the young ones rather than plastic toys and gadgets that fall apart as soon as you start fiddling with them. My gifts are maybe not the most exciting gifts to open on the actual day, but hopefully they'll give hours of pleasure through the rest of the holidays. I'm trying to find interesting books for each and everyone, hoping to instill some of the pleasure reading has always given me in their young minds. And books are quite easy to wrap up as well ;-) I'm settling down with some rolls of paper, tape and ribbons and a good film now.
Tonight I'm adding the final stitches in the last homemade gifts: some pincushions from this pattern. I really love Sandi's patterns - they are so pretty, and full of colour photos to explain each step beautifully. Have a look at the tutorials on her blog and you will see what I mean!

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Tine said...

Sandi does have some really cute patterns. I love that cupcake-pincushion you made :) Are you sure you want to give that away??

And good for you being done with your presents! I am still working on some of mine :/