Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cupcake anyone?

I made it! All the cupcake pincushions are done, and three of them are wrapped and given away already. Some late night hand stitching yesterday, and I was officially ready with all the handmade gifts for Christmas. These are as I mentioned earlier from a Sandi Henderson/Portabellopixie-pattern, the low calorie version - about 4 " across. There is also a high calorie version, 6 " across.

I have used felt for the chocolate cake part sticking outh beneath the ruffle and they are firmly filled with sand in the bottom and wool in the top, making them quite heavy and stable, so they should rest well on the table when in use. And yes, I have only wrapped three of them! Being such a crafty person (crafty in this case meaning cunning, sly...) that I made four so I get to keep one for myself! Mine is the one with the turquise ruffle (of course), and it is now resting happily next to my sewing machine.


Lily Boot said...

I always try to make one for myself because I cannot bear the thought of not seeing them again :-) They are very pretty and look most edible!

Tine said...

They are so cute! What a great idea to fill them with sand in the bottom!