Sunday, January 04, 2009

All good things come to an end

-and tomorrow it's back to work after an extended holiday season. So far I haven't been able to talk myself into it being OK, but I suppose getting back into a routine is good for you or something... Right now I'm feeling that there is a lot to say for not having to wear a watch, sleeping in and being able to decide that the weather is too awful so I'll stay in - I sometimes feel that what I'd be if given a choice was a bear during the winter and a teacher during the summer... (But then, how much crafting does a bear get to do?)
I'll stop grumbling now - going to work also means meeting up with my colleagues again, and getting back to that interesting workproject again, of course, and the workdays usually fly by and then it's meeting up with friends, guild meetings starting up again and all. Good stuff.

The rose quilt is coming to an end too, so to speak - I have just added the binding, and now I'll settle down in my cosy corner and watch a few episodes of LOST (I got season 4 on DVD for Xmas) while doing the hand-stitching.


Tine said...

Our vacation ends tomorrow too! Charles and the kids go back to work and to daycare, and I go back to my studies....but only for one day to hand in a paper, and then I am off until February! YAY! I am going to get this place organized, and I am going to sew! YAY YAY YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mathea. I found your blog by following various links from other blogs, a bit like a magical mystery tour! What a 'busy bee' you are and so talented. You have made some wonderful things. I love your blue and white china (I collect it also...I'm a big fan of blue and white). I will be back to visit soon. Eli