Sunday, January 25, 2009

We have lift-off!

After much dithering the zigzag-quilt is finally on it's way to becoming a reality. My quilt group had a sew-along this weekend. We spent a few hours yesterday learning a new technique (more about that later) and the rest of the time we just worked on whatever we wanted. So last night after I came home I cut all my triangles. And today I could just sit down and sew to my heart's content. And I did. I have actually stitched almost all the triangles into strips. I just have to find one extra fabric to go with the geranium one on the right, but I think I need to put it all up on the wall before I decide. I was going to add some more fuchsia/pink too, but didn't find one in my stash I could use, so I just went with what I have. Once I get it up on the wall I'll see if I need to unpick a row to insert some more pink somewhere.
I have had lots of positive feedback here after posting my choice of fabric, but it seems my friends IRL are a bit more hesitant: I got lots of remarks along the vein: "Oh, my you are brave, aren't you?" But that's OK - I like it!
Some practical information: I cut my strips 5" wide and used the 45 degree line on my ruler to cut triangles so the long edge is cut on the straight of grain. That way there is less risk of stretching the strips when stitching them together than if I were to cut squares diagonally and get the long edge of the triangles on the bias. It's looking good so far.

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Anonymous said...

I think it will be lovely. I haven't seen a zig-zag quilt before, but I always think that it's nice to have something a little bit different. That's half the fun of making things.