Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's very pink, isn't it?

I finished the rose quilt at last. I have had serious misgivings about this one, but told myself to get over it - it's just a small quilt after all. My sister wanted me to make this for her after finding a pattern for a lap quilt in this pattern and these rose fabrics. However, she only wanted a small wall quilt. I've been thinking that the pattern and fabrics would have worked better together in a big quilt. Whatever. It is finished now, and it actually looks better when you get it up on the wall than I thought it would. Let's hope she likes it.
And having finished this I can justify starting a new one, can't I? I just can't get that zigzag quilt out of my head, although I have kept myself in check so far this weekend...

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Tine said...

I like that pattern :) And I think it looks great! I am sure your sister will love it. You are getting a lot done eventhough you atrted working again. Remember to sleep!!!