Thursday, January 15, 2009

Early bird

Tidying up after the holiday season gave me the opportunity to change the wall decorations around a bit, so right now this little quilt graces the wall in my hallway. This must have been the first quilt pattern I ever bought, way back when I was starting out on this quilted road... I bought the pattern from Quilts and Comforts, and I should give credit where credit is due, but I'm afraid I don't know who the pattern is by, having thrown it out after I finished the quilt.
Anyway, when I got the pattern I realized that it was going to be a huge quilt. We are talking ceiling to floor height here - no way was I going to make a chicken quilt that big ! Back in those days I was a firm believer in sticking to the pattern as closely as possible and spent ages trying to find the fabrics used in the original, but eventually the pattern was just stowed away. Then, a couple of years ago a friend was hosting a stitch along just before Easter and everybody seemed to be planning on stitching chickens of some sort, so I got the pattern out again. Instead of using the pattern sheet, I took a photocopy of the picture on the front, traced it and enlarged it 200%, which made the size just perfect for a little wall quilt.The point of all this? Nothing really, except that I'm not feeling like an early bird in any way at the moment. The cold weather and long days at work makes me want to follow that little green worm's example - scuttle out at the corner and go into hibernation... ;-)

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Tine said...

I love that chicken quilt! I have a pattern for a similar quilt in a magazine somewhere :)
There are so many chickens there! It must have taken forever to stitch!