Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blog hopping

I have spent most of my morning here hopping from one blog to another, following the Cross Country Christmas Designer Blog Hop started by Gudrun. There are 12 quilt designers sharing stories about their Christmas traditions and memories, and a free project every day. I only found out about this yesterday, and they are half way through, but there is lots of fun stuff to read and some pretty good projects to get inspired by too. I feel myself getting into that good old Christmas spirit, and have also stocked up on some nice holiday magazines. So I guess this weekend will be all about planning holiday projects - what to make and buy for everybody and to get started on all those lists: shopping, baking, parties... oh, what fun! I think I like this part of Christmas the most - all that anticipation and figuring out what to get for everybody that they'll really love - luckily we aren't that large a family, so the strain on the credit cards doesn't get too heavy. And I tend to go in for lots of handmade anyway, which means that most of my spending has been done in advance (read: fabric stash!).

The illustration is yet another of those "Listen, Honey..." designs from Twisted Thread, see the links in the sidebar.

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