Sunday, November 08, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

I have been rather quiet lately, mulling over what will be my next project, rifling through my fabric and notions, but not getting anything done. It might just have been that quiet moment before the storm sets in, though - it suddenly dawned on me that it is Christmas in just over a month, and if I am to make any presents I really need to get started! Some recently added fabric might give me the push I need, though.
Now, what to make... I'm thinking of making some storage bags/buckets from the first two. The red and white seersucker is one fabric I keep coming back to, so I keep buying more. It has been used for christmas ornaments, angel clothing, and all sorts of christmassy things over the years, and I'm thinking of making some candy cones from them, decorated with some pretty ribbon or something. The charcoal linen/cotton blend at the bottom of the pile is the only one I have very specific plans for - it is destined to become a messenger bag for my middle sister. She has requested one similar to the one I made for my youngest sister a while back. She didn't seem all that interested at the time, but after seeing all the use it has been getting, she has come to the conclusion that she "needs" one too. It's nice to know that my efforts will be appreciated, so I'm more than happy to make one for her. I'd better get my act togehter and get started !

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calamity kim said...

It will be lovely, I'm sure! I wish one of my sisters knew how to sew! That's a really nice gift- a handmade bag made with love and gnomes! Have a good time making it!
xo, kim