Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sneak peek

I've been working on my sister's messenger bag today. This is just a glimpse of the flap with a photo of her as a little girl transferred to fabric. I have stitched angled strips of fabrics around it, log cabin style, finishing with charcoal linen, which is what the rest of the bag will be made from. Next it needs a bit of hand stitching - some embroidery and some beads - before I construct the rest of the bag. I never thought that I would be making another one, but luckily I jotted down some measurements and a rough sketch in my notebook for the previous one*, so I should be able to remember how I did it.
I'm enjoying a quiet Sunday at home, sewing, reading and watching films. It feels really good to slow down a bit after yet another hectic week at work. There doesn't seem to be much energy left for evenings during the week at the moment, but things should improve in about a fortnight. I do have some pretty quilting fabrics waiting in the wins, and if I can just concentrate for a while, I might be able to remember what I was going to make from them as well...

*I can't believe I never posted a picure of the finished bag! Here it is now!

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