Friday, January 13, 2006

The forgotten kit

A friend challenged me to finish and old kit in January. "Oh, but I never buy kits" was my quick reply. However, my subconcious knew differently - a few hours later it dawned on me: didn't I buy a kit when I first started out as a quilter? In one of the first Keepsake catalogues I laid my hands on there was a Christmas swag of snowmen and Santas that I started on, but never finished. Quick search through all the boxes in my craft corner, and sure enough there it was. For some reason I had decided to make not just the four figures included in the kit - why not make twelve!!! What was I thinking?? They are quite big - 8" tall, so a swag of 12 of these will need a bigger mantlepiece than mine... Well, I could use them for presents, I suppose. On further inspection it turns out that I have stitched all the twelve bodies and 24 legs and stuffed most of the legs and one body. I think I ran out of stuffing and that's why they were put out of the way. But seriously, there isn't that much work involved, so I should be able to finish them before the end of January. Isn't it great to start christmas preparations early? ;-)

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